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MFIS events and students

Welcome to MFIS!

MFIS Mission

The mission of Madison Friends of International Students is to connect Madison-area international university and college students, scholars, and any accompanying family with local residents to provide support and assistance as well as to foster cultural exchange, global goodwill, and friendships around the world.

Each year in the spring MFIS elects a new Board of Directors. To see the current Board members for  2015-16, click here.

What's Next for Volunteers

Global Friends

We’re looking for volunteers who are interested in one-on-one friendship with an international student, scholar or family member. MFIS’ Global Friends program matches local residents with interested members of the international community for informal conversation, recreation or social gatherings. For more information and to complete our volunteer application, click here.

Thanksgiving Hospitality
Thanksgiving will be here before you know it. Why not share this American holiday with one or more international students? When you sign up, you can specify how many people you want to host. Share this quintessentially American holiday with students from around the world. We will have more information available. For more information and to complete our volunteer application, click here. Deadline is Nov. 6.

Update Your Communication Preferences and Volunteer/Donor Information
As we grow, we need to ensure we're able to use efficient communication with our existing volunteers and donors to make best use of your time and donations. Please tell us how you would prefer we communicate with you and whether you have any updated communication information (email address, new postal address, etc.). To provide this information, click here.

What's Next for Students

Global Friends
Would you like to get to know an American and have an opportunity to speak English on a friendly, social basis? If so, perhaps you would like to sign up for MFIS’ Global Friends program. Students are matched with interested local residents, and participants decide together how often and where to meet, and what they would like to do. For details, including an application form, click here.

Thanksgiving Hospitality
Thanksgiving is a very American holiday when families and friends get together to eat and enjoy one another’s company. Legend says the first Thanksgiving was held by the British settlers in Massachusetts (the Pilgrims) and the local Indians to celebrate their first harvest. They had survived the first year in a new land. Now you can celebrate your arrival in a new country with the local natives. For more information and to signup, click here. Deadline is Nov. 6.

How to Contact Us

  Address 716 Langdon Street, Room 223, Madison, WI 53706, USA
  Phone (608) 263-4010
  Fax (608) 262-2838

The office is staffed by volunteers between 10:00 a.m. - 12 noon, Monday through Friday. 
Please feel free to drop by during these hours! When the office is not staffed, volunteers continue to check email and voice mail and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.